Internet of Things
& Software solutions

We develop specific IT solutions to address the needs of both business and people.

About Us

We are a small IT startup that develops specific networking, IoT, and software solutions. We have a dynamic and qualified team with extensive experience in the areas of Information Technology and Information Systems.

We have developed a Software-Defined Wireless Hostpot System (SDWHS) solution, called SpotiWI, which enables companies to have a secure and customizable WiFi hotspot for their customers, all managed through our central server. This system works in restaurants, bars, hotels, events and even in buses and trains.


We provide services in the following areas:

- Software development for Windows, Linux, Mobile and Web environments;

- IoT (Internet of Things) solutions;

- Software integrators for Sage systems;

- Planning, installation and configuration of computer networks;

- Management and maintenance of computer systems and networks;

- WiFi hotspot management systems (


If you want to contact us you can do it by phone or by email.

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Pombal - Portugal